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i thought you were the other guy (Gujit) ...whos dub seems'ed ok ....but i was wrong so
unsubbed you !!!
but when checking his stuff i was not that impressed ever ..

Djjaner responds:

??? I am confused your comment.

Computer Failure Computer Failure

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un like the guy below i would not say smoke Eveyday day coz its very bad for you
& thats what them stupid American rappers promote in the main stream
degenerate culture even if they are just pawns in the big picture ..

as for the music a heck of a lot of presets which a lot of you people use..
i guess laptop's are great in high schools these days & i always thought that new skool DnB
scene never really lasted the long other then to newcomers who did not know or under stand about the original jungle music.. (you know the girls aloud bunch) normally 12 year old white girls ..
its your high hats you keep using the same presets its getting a bit old
but pleasant enough track tho for the simple minded ..

Djjaner responds:

i love old skool DNB ::D